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april 17- 23, 2021


DESDE EL FUEGO, I became, the title of my upcoming show, translates to FROM THE FIRE, I became. It is just that, a visual story of becoming. All the becomings that slowly carved away, molded, added, pressed, and lit me on fire, turned to ashes again and again, forged iron wings into my soul and sent me wild straight to the sun .

My story is not just my story. It is HER story, la historia de ELLA y de EL. It is HIS, it’s OURS, it’s splattered in oppressed feminine red paint. It is beaten with his masculine. It sings like Sunday morning ballenatos, and promises love like my mother’s drunken tangos.

I hope to share this story with you. I hope that wherever you have burned into ashes the glitter dust of those remnants have found their way to my pencil, my paint brush , our collective highest beings.

I invite you to my show (link in bio) 4/17. We are currently working up a virtual version with more details to come in collaboration with @soulsistersocial @michelleenriquez7 For more on my process and art please follow me @shedraws_too

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