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While still in its birthing stages, I hope that you will find a space here where art speaks and inspires you, where opportunities to collaborate with other artists and be part of culturally enriching events call to you, and where healing becomes an immersive, creative part of your self care. 

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My Story

Estrella is a first-generation Colombian-American artist. Estrella resides in Greenpoint, in the same neighborhood in which she was raised (with her three amazing sons and partner). Her Latino culture is very important to her, as is serving in the community she calls home. She aims to empower young people as a whole--especially young artists of color. The Latinx story is one that needs to be told. Estrella believes in the power of self-healing through the use of art, spoken voice, and yoga. Estrella channels the sacred feminine in her work. She attributes the expression of the sacred feminine to being one of seven sisters which have inspired her to create work that expresses her own journey in self-empowerment. Estrella’s own journey has been a catalyst for empowering other women and giving voice to young children. Estrella shares, “Women have the unique ability to birth, we nurture the young; my creative process mimics the birthing process.” Estrella is passionate about cultivating the love of art in children. “Art is playful, children are unafraid and so honest about who they are. We can learn so much from them”.


Estrella was the Co-owner of My OM Town Yoga located in New Jersey. In 2014, Estrella, alongside her sister, launched Earth Wellness Yoga, a grassroots initiative bringing varied healing modalities to the community in Brooklyn, which she dearly calls her home. While Earth Wellness Yoga served the community as a whole, the mission was firmly grounded in providing equitable access to Yoga, Reiki, Breath Work, and Artistic opportunities to underserved members of the community such as military veterans, the elderly, women, and children.  The initiative led to various opportunities to spread healing and love across the tri-state area and Florida. Healing and art is her passion. Currently, in the birthing stages, Estrella is building a brand, NY Art Affair, which will focus on all aspects of art and healing and prioritizing the representations of inner-city artists, landmarks, and underrepresented voices of New York.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.