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  • New York Art Affair

brooklyn latinx artist
estrella munoz

Backyard Brooklyn

brooklyn museum

"collaborative and creative work with local businesses and organizations has been a special way to celebrate community, especially in these strange times. art is healing. art is powerful."

store front art

Pie Corps
winter, pie corps
East Coast Street Tacos
Holiday Window
ECST- Festive Window
Burrito, Navidad, East Coast Street Tacos
Holiday Windows, GN Food Coop
Window Theme Transition
GN Food Coop, Grinch
beetle juice window, Pie Corps
Winter Window
Doggy Daycare
Back To School, Pie Corps
Brooklyn Vintiques

"creating together always lightens the spirit and vibe and brings out the artist in everyone. plus you get to take away something special that you created."

paint parties


"artists are crucial, if not responsible for keeping a trail of history."

the collective
DESDE EL FUEGO, i became.

DESDE EL FUEGO, I became, the title of my solo show, translates to FROM THE FIRE, I became. It is just that, a visual story of becoming. All the becomings that slowly carved away, molded, added, pressed, and lit me on fire, turned to ashes again and again, forged iron wings into my soul and sent me wild straight to the sun .

My story is not just my story. It is HER story, la historia de ELLA y de EL. It is HIS, it’s OURS, it’s splattered in oppressed feminine red paint. It is beaten with his masculine. It sings like Sunday morning ballenatos, and promises love like my mother’s drunken tangos.

I hope to share this story with you. I hope that wherever you have burned into ashes the glitter dust of those remnants have found their way to my pencil, my paint brush , our collective highest beings.

As always was the intention of sharing my work, I am currently working with amazing creatives to curate the extension of this story. Your story. Submissions will open soon seeking bipoc artists sharing their visual story of becoming. 


mural art

year of the tiger/community project

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